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Udaipur - The Venice of India


If one has ever been to Venice one knows about the romantic and pristine flair of this city. One is astonished and enchanted by the impression of how much humans are able to create beauty and elegance. The beauty and grace of the architecture in Venice is stunning. One is hit by the same appeal of beauty when one enters Udaipur. But in comparison to Venice, the magic of Udaipur is combined with the oriental touch of the indigenous charm of Rajasthan.


Rajasthan is a northern state of India with a huge variety of culture and tradition. The land is full of interesting history and it is the land of forts, palaces, deserts, camels and the well known blue city “Jodhpur”, pink city “Jaipur” and white city “Udaipur”. Udaipur is called the white city because of its majestic white and cream colored houses and palaces especially around lake Pichola. During sunrise and sunset one is enchanted by the pure magic of how these wonderful white palaces  reflect themselves in the water.


And same as in Venice the beauty of the city seems to attract and inspire many artists who live and work in the city. At any corner in the city center one finds many little artshops offering a variety of paintings, miniatures, sculptures and artworks made of stone. Almost everybody has a smile on their face and the houses and the clothes of the inhabitans do reflect the vibrancy of the city’s atmosphere. So if you happen to love Venice you cannot afford to miss visiting Udaipur. But be prepared to experience a little more of adventure….


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