Since 3 years Victoria Knobloch is photographically investigating the life, circumstances and traditions of    the Tibetan Buddhist culture in various Himalayan regions. She had many wonderful encounters with

the Tibetan people and their culture and all these positive experiences „are breathing“ through her pictures.

She also believes that art and in her case photography in combination with devotion can move devotees

to spiritual enchantment and hence towards a greater longing and love for the truth.


Next to the photographs she wants to let Buddhist masters speak. People who inspired her and the world. Masters she met in person and others she just knows from books. Combined with the photographs the reader will find quotations of many great Buddhist scholars and the Buddha himself. Quotations often can be little sparkles which have the capacity to start the fire of inspiration. They can uplift the mind and be sources of wanting to investigate more. And this in general is the motivation of this little photobook, to inspire people to find out more about themselves, the truth and especially the beauty of truth!  ORDER HERE
















The beauty of truth - Photobook

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