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The Hug

There is nothing more intriguing for me than the purity of nature. I love being surrounded by it, to breathe it in, to admire it and to capture the highest beauty in nature. Because I‘m old fashioned enough to believe that beauty has to be the aim of art, because beauty is as much an aspect of truth as wisdom is. If one is insensitive to the one then one can not find the other.

And look at these tender and entrancing natural scenes! How the clouds gently wrap around the mountains of the German Alps and this creates an atmosphere of purity and divinity. The softness and impermanence of the clouds when they move through the mountains can visually refine and uplift your mind.

To appreciate or create beauty brings joy and even the Buddha never was against art, that was misunderstood by his misguided followers amongst many other things. He even recommended it as an exercise to develop goodness - the contemplation of the beautiful. So dive yourself in these fair scenes of elegance and wholeness and be inspired with awe as well.

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