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Sounds of Silence - Trilogy

Sounds of Silence is a trilogy made in the 3 countries Iceland, Norway and Scotland. Some areas of these countries are completely untouched and full of pristine nature. The splendor of the natural scenes outsteps imagination. It inspires the mind, touches the heart and uplifts the soul.

Man-made facades of built cities are remote. Here one is face to face with the universal mystery itself and it is so wonderful to merge ones spirit into the absolute silence of this wonder. The universe is a magic living organism and the whole is definitely good at its heart. Nature herself does possess an aura, a mental atmosphere no less than man. And it is so beautiful, because it is pure and unfabricated. And in this untouched nature harmony appears and flows through ones whole being like music. There in the lap of nature one throws of the layers of personal vanity and intellectual pride, gets humbled and exhales the breath of ineffable reverence to the great power of nature that has manifested itself with such overwhelming grandeur.

And the beautiful silence! Sometimes in wind still moments when I stopped it was as if the universe stopped, these were profound spiritual moments.

And there I became still and peaceful, because I simply adopted to my surroundings. It was all around me, it embraced me. No words, no philosophy, but this beautiful silence in my mind, in my heart, in my body, in my soul! The mind settles down into it’s own center with hardly any effort. And all of a sudden peace comes in and reveals itself, which for me was a wonderful and joyful dance in Sounds of Silence! In the heart of this stillness, hence the divine, we can see more clearly who we are. Quiescence is the language of love, the music of inner peace, listen to it and it will reveal to you the beauty of truth which can only be found in Sounds of Silence.

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