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Svalbard was so far the most out of the world place I have ever visited. It is rough, icy, barren and somehow unreal. But since it is so hard for people to live there, with inhospitable surroundings and harsh climate, it diciplines people automatically by nature to abstain from overindulgence. It is simply not possible. 

Svalbard is also a place where one can reflect on the importance of the human species for the planet. Because here it seems so, that the earth could very well get along without us. One feels more humble because the forces of nature are bigger and this balancing serum is beneficial for the soul.

Finally, the endless, ice-cold beauty. So fresh and pristine! I stood admiringly in front of the frozen sea, the vast ice landscapes and the endless white plateau mountains. And all of this creates an atmosphere of magic and infinity. And with an icy inbreath, the soul gets refreshed and the mind becomes clear.

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