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Bodhgaya is the most important place of pilgrimage for Buddhists in India. It is said that the Buddha has obtained Enlightenment there under what became known as the Bodhi Tree. Such sacred places like Bodhgaya can be sources of inspiration and encouragement for practitioners. Therefore thousands of people come to Bodhgaya every day with the wish of building up or accelerating their connection and faith.


In Buddhism it is all about developing confidence in one's own pure nature. Because when we act in accordance with this pure nature we automatically act in tune with the universal cosmic laws and not against them. If that happens, we live and act for the benefit of all, including ourselves. But to be able to do that we need to develop spiritual understanding. What exactly does that mean? One aspect of it is to remove the roots of human suffering by eliminating wrong view and therefore wrong action. Another aspect is to learn to perceive ones life and the matters of the world out of a larger context and a broader perspective than only the  "Egoperspective". This forms the basis of wisdom and only with this wisdom and equanimous attitude towards life, genuine compassion is possible. However, cultivating wisdom requires hard work and effort like every other thing man wants to learn seriously.


As for any learning process inspiration is very important. And visiting such places of pilgrimage like Bodhgaya often can act as an engine for providing strength and energy for daily exercise. Why? Because through the aliveness and genuine spirit of such holy places it often happens that one get's the chance to unite more deeply with the essence and true meaning of the Dharma.


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