2019 © Copyright Victoria Knobloch Fine Art Black&White Photography

Moradokmai Homeschool

The Moradokmai Theatre Troupe is an art school situated in the Loei Region in northern Thailand. 20 pupils from the age of 12 to 18 are living and learning in the community and they get taught in traditional Thai theatre, music, dance and Western art forms.


With their art they want to communicate and cultivate the great wisdom about their own culture and spiritual roots. They recognized that the money system, which valued men equal to products, is an inhuman way of living and their aim is it to bring back and foster the old values of a warm relationship between a family, a community and their religion. Still they want to integrate new western inspirations as well. But not the superficial pop and consuming tendencies of western culture, which they do not endorse. But they are interested in exchange and insight in deeper values and philosophical insights.


Therefore the company invited the choreographer Irina Pauls for making a project together with them. Miss Pauls accepted with pleasure and went there in February 2013 to work with the pupils.

Victoria Knobloch photographically documented the project as well as the daily routine of the kids. They both were fascinated by the idea and the admirable aim of the Theatre Group: Social engagement and change through art!